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Total Access Captioning            


“I’m impressed with the CART services because it allows me to understand correctly what the professor is saying based on reading the notes during lecture.  It is convenient for me to use the services from the lecture.  I take the time to read it after class and re-make it to my personal notes.  I am deaf and hard of hearing, so I find the CART services very helpful since I’m too busy reading the professor's lips to understand what she/he is saying rather than taking notes on my own.  Sometimes I will have foreign professors and they are hard to understand, so the captionist can understand well and makes the notes.  I would recommend anyone to try the CART services and you will be surprised how the captionist can convert the lectures into notes."   --Ashton, Student

I would like to thank the captioners for all their help in class.  It has been a tremendous help for me in looking back of the transcripts for subjects that I do not clearly understand and was able to see exactly what the instructor was talking about during class.  Again, thank you so much for all you do!!!!
-- Toni, Student


"Because of the severity of my hearing, I used to miss a lot of what was said in meetings. I would leave confused and frustrated by them.  Now when I go to a meeting or event, I use CART.  With the help and skills of the staff at Young Reporting Services, I can participate fully and understand every time.  What a difference!" -- Dr. Wilkins

CART for the Hearing Impaired


CART:  Computer Access Realtime Translation.  CART allows people with hearing disabilities to have full access to educational classes or to participate in group meetings.  The spoken word is translated into text and appears on a screen.  Depending on the setting, the text may be displayed directly on a single computer, on multiple computers, or it may be projected to a screen or monitor for view by multiple participants or audiences.


Young Reporting Services provides high-quality, cost-effective realtime translation services both on-site and remote locations. CART is often used in an educational setting, but is also appropriate for board meetings, conventions, doctor appointments, court settings, religious events, weddings, entertainment, etc.  We utilize both the traditional stenographer and also what are sometimes called “voicewriters,” who utilize state-of-the-art speech recognition software along with court reporting software. 



Remote CART allows students to participate and be successful alongside their peers in the conventional educational environment.  Our company utilizes internet-based remote software and does not require the consumer to have additional software.  The consumer is given a link and password to enter the website.  The user can highlight, take notes, chat with the CART provider and access other programs while viewing the streaming text.  In addition to access to the spoken word in class, students will receive, at no additional cost, a transcript of classes to assist with study.  CART provides the most comprehensive and complete translation of the spoken word.  Rather than relying on notes, lipreading, or an interpreter, the student will receive a verbatim record of the event.  If needed, the service can be provided to multiple students at the same time. 

The classroom presenter uses a wireless microphone that plugs into the student’s or school’s computer.  For discussion groups, conference microphones can be utilized.  We are happy to be of assistance and offer advice to schools regarding audio equipment utilized in the classroom.   We have even provided CART for video-conferenced classes, where the instructor is in an off-site location.  Aside from being inconspicuous, remote CART can be a cost savings to universities and schools, as there is no travel time required in order for someone to be live in the classroom. 

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Young Reporting Services has been providing CART services since 2006, and some of our clients include:  University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, Moore Norman Technology Center, Northeastern State University, Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services, Oklahoma ABLE Tech, Hearing Loss Association of Oklahoma, Chickasaw Nation, Hough Ear Institute, Oklahoma Statewide Independent Living Council, American Meteorology Association, US DOT.  Call us today to discuss your personal needs and to set up a free demonstration.  (405) 470-4404. 


“I work at a major university and have used captionists in the past. Unfortunately much of what was produced was not high enough quality for the students—the captionist was getting the simple part of the lecture but not the meat and definitely nothing close to how the language was used within the lecture.  Then we meet Becky at Young Reporting Services….. and WOW. What service!!! We have as close to verbatim as you can get.  She and her crew go above and beyond to ensure that the lectures are accurate, timely and professional. Our students now expect AND receive the best!  And now they don’t have to do 5 times the work to be successful in their classes….  Thanks for ALL you do for our students!”    --Sandie


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"I prepared this unsolicited note to you in to recognize your contributions. In an abundance of professional gatherings, you have exemplified astute skills in language processing/rapport development. Your presence has greatly supported the goals of the gathering by your upbeat demeanor & smooth effort in ensuring language is equally available to all. And this is accomplished in an easy/soft manner to help attendees comfortably meet the needs of the meeting.  You are a superb role model in demonstrating how a successful professional employee presents/conducts themselves.  Thanks for what you bring to the sessions and your encouraging style!

-- John, Vocational Evaluator